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Traveling with a baby can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to where your child will sleep. Most of the time cribs that are at grandparents homes do not meet current safety standards, and can feel and smell different to your child's crib at home. These changes can lead to restless babies who do not feel comfortable enough to get to sleep. Some parents have found that even when their babies do get to sleep; it is often for short periods at a time making the trip more work than pleasure. To prevent this, a pack and play playpen makes an excellent, convenient solution to this issue.

Here is a list of the Best Pack n Play



These playards are an excellent place to keep your child safe, even in an environment that would otherwise be littered with dangers. Providing comfort, airflow and the ability to look out on their surroundings, these are an excellent place for both playtime and sleep.

Best Pack n Play Under $60 - Cosco Juvenile Funsport Play Yard Kontiki

The Cosco Juvenile Funsport Play Yard Kontiki is an economical solution to traveling with your child. Quick to set up and tear down, this playard is suitable for children up to 2 years old as it has an interior height of 22 inches. Caution should be taken, as with all playards, when children start to climb as they can fall or knock over the playard.

As this is a standard sized playard, it is easy to find mattresses, sheets and other accessories that can make this feel like home for your child allowing them to be comfortable both in play and sleep.

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Best Pack n Play Under $80 - Graco Pack 'n Play Playard Stratus

The Graco Pack 'n Play Stratus is a neutral-toned playard suitable for newborns all the way to toddlers. It features a removable raised bassinet that has the same footprint as the base allowing your newborn plenty of room. This bassinet should not be used once they are able to push themselves up on their arms. At the point they are able to push themselves up, you should place the mattress on the base to convert the bassinet to a full playard. It also features a built-in removable toy bar with several soft toys to give your baby something to                                                                         look at.

It folds down easily and has an included sleeve that your playard fits into for easy travel. This is a great playard for the price and even includes wheels to make in-room moves easy.

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Best Pack n Play Under $100 - Delta Children Products Novel Ideas

The Delta Children's Novel Ideas playard is a brightly colored play area for your child with whimsical animals displayed on the mesh on the sides as well as the mattress on the bottom. This playard is a square which maximizes the play and sleeping area to allow your child a little more controlled freedom.

This playard is suitable for children under 35 inches and 30 pounds making it suitable for most children under 3. It folds down into a compact rectangle and has an included travel bag making it easier to bring with you to the park or on family vacations. This playard is heavier but that enables it to stay put on the ground to prevent tipping or movement with even the most active child.

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Best Pack n Play Under $200 - KidCo Travel Pod Cranberry

The KidCo Travel Pod is designed for children under 3 years old and features angled walls to prevent children who are just learning to climb from successfully doing so. Featuring solid mesh walls for ventilation and maximum viewing ability, this playard is well suited for the busy traveling family with babies and toddlers who require that little extra convincing to stay in their playard.

This playard comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and portability and features machine washable fabric that is removable. This means that everything but the frame can be thrown into the washer to ensure a hygienic environment for your child.

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Best Pack n Play Over $200 - Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

This playard is unique in that it folds down into a backpack that you can carry anywhere with you with ease. It also has briefcase-like handles should you prefer to carry it that way. This stylish portable crib has a zipper installed in the side mesh so that you can open it allowing your child the freedom to enter and leave as they wish. You can also have it closed so that they remain contained in their safe environment.

As this playard sits on the floor, you do not have to worry about anything falling or being knocked over and it also removes any need for a solid base enabling it to be that much lighter. It also features a removable, machine washable cover meaning that dirty, slobbered rail covers are a thing of the past in a flash.

This setup comes with the crib, mattress and carrying bag ensuring that you have everything you need to make your trip a success.

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All parents go through traveling woes with their children at one point or another. By having your own playard that your baby is familiar with that can come with you, is sure to reduce at least some of the stress involved. This is because your child will associate the smells and sights of this unit as somewhere familiar so that even though the other surroundings are new, they still have their comfort zone and are therefore more likely to have sleep or attitude disturbances.

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