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Top 5 Best Video Baby Monitor

 1.  Best Video Baby Monitor - 7 inch

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

This monitor has a very beautiful 7” LCD display and it is actually bigger 3X than the existing monitors in the market. Its dimensions are 12.6X10.4X3.8 inches and weigh 2.4pounds. It is manufactured in China. For good performance, buyers are advised to ensure that monitor and the camera are on the same channel. They should use the channel scroll button on the side of the monitor to change channels. The monitor supports both regular day mode and night mode this is due to its high resolution. Since I bought, it has never disappointed me. It works so well that I even feel like a second mother to my baby.

This baby monitor is very easy to set up, it took me about 3 minutes to set it up and I did that without any help from my husband. Connected to the monitor and camera are power codes. The monitor has a high-quality sound and picture, it actually makes the whole process easy. I am able to see what my baby is doing when I am in the kitchen and have no worries of her falling down. The colored light is efficient than the night mode in competing monitors. Another important feature of this monitor is the ability that it enables you to speak to the baby through the monitor. The only disadvantage I have noticed about this monitor is that it has to be plugged in all the time. But looking at how it has helped me I am good with the price, will definitely purchase another one for my coming second born.

The monitor has some features that can be personalized to the buyer’s liking. One such feature is contrast and volume. Considering that my baby cannot like lighting at night I normally reduce the video contrast to minimal, it is very friendly, I would strongly advice expectant mothers to buy this gift for their coming babies. The user has the choice of leaving the video on or off with the sound on. The camera is also adjusted to the view preferred by the user. The monitor comes with easy to follow instructions manual which is very clear and less worded. Even though the picture quality is good it is the high definition as expected. Essentially, both the camera and the monitor can run on batteries, the batteries are placed on the bottom of the camera and are mostly difficult for many people to open. For the first time, I had difficulties replacing the batteries, honestly speaking if it were not my husband, I could have returned it. But on a scale of 1 to 5, I will still give a 5 rating.

For technological people, this monitor cannot be accessed using iPhone or android phone. They are operated manually. I think the manufacturers should incorporate that in into the system so that this monitor can be controlled using smartphones. The advantage of this will be easy accessibility and control action. In addition, this great device does not require Wi-Fi or internet connection for it to operate. It does not interfere with my internet at all. All it requires is electricity and batteries for the camera. Its power consumption rate is not indicated but is it’s approximated to be about 110 volts. The monitor has the ability to support multiple cameras on one monitor. However, they are normally sold separately. The customer has to incur an extra expense in getting another camera. Generally, I can easily say that this is a good baby monitor that clients should not shy from buying. I have used it and it has given me the best services ever.

 2.  Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

This monitor weighs 3.6 pounds, its dimensions are 19.3X13.4X6.5 inches. It is manufactured in China. It uses Lithium-ion batteries, these batteries can stand like 10 hours continuously. Given that I mostly use the monitor at day time, the battery is able to push me like a whole week. This is the first monitor that has interchangeable optical lens that I have ever seen. You can easily customize viewing angle and zoom tour liking. As for me the standard angle is fine with me. What interests me most with this type of monitor is its features. This features include infrared night vision, talk back function, room temperature sensor, camera pan, wireless portability and many more. I have recently fallen in love with the talk back function as it makes me and my baby have some fun together.

This baby monitor is very stylish and sleek .Its audio is very good on the transmitter and receiver as they have the ability to pick up the humming noise from the air purifier. However, it has the problem of the beeping sound. Initially, I thought it was my monitor that had that problem only. After looking for information from the support team they informed me that all monitor normally produces a humming sound. This sound or beeps are experienced when the monitor is turned on and off, however, this is mostly for the old version, the new monitors do not beep. The battery capacity of the battery is sufficient and effective as they can go for up to three years without dropping their performance if well used. As for me, it takes like a whole week, as I use it only during day time. Another important feature of this monitor is the exchangeable lens. The optical zoom of the monitor does not lose resolution at any moment .This makes it be reliable to capture good pictures. Considering the above features it is reasonably right and justified that this model is rated high and a bit more expensive than other existing models.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Video Review

The monitor produces good quality video but they are not of HD quality, this makes competing models such as those of Motorola and Samsung to beat it in terms of picture quality. Considering other features, this monitor is far the best than other existing monitors. For instance, the infrared light of the monitor. In particular, the monitor s size is big enough and the batteries are able to last for long. Moreover, this device is not internet enabled, therefore there are zero chances that it will be prone to hacks. Besides that, this device would not affect the internet connection of the building. I have using this monitor for six months now and it has never interrupted my home internet connection One disadvantage of the monitor is the charging connector, it mostly becomes loose after being in use like six months. However, the support center is always available and ready in helping clients. Therefore, should any customer have any issues concerning the monitor, he or she should contact the support center.

The monitor’s camera is able to swivels and rotate so as to give different views. Also, it is able to provide the temperature of the room and is very efficient at night. Mostly, I change the different angles so that when maybe I am in the kitchen or sitting room I can see how my baby is doing. For first time users, they are most likely to face the problem of finding the right side monitor and the optics. But with time, thy will be able to master the monitor and operate it easily. For me it took about three weeks to master the whole processes of operating effectively this monitor. Nonetheless, this monitor at times it jams up, and when it does it normally provides a poor night vision and a low signal. The charging port on the monitor easily breaks, mainly this happens after the monitor has been in operation for like one year. But on average, the monitor is good and if well taken care of it is able to last up to 10 years.

 3.  Hello, Baby - Best Video Baby Monitor

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

This monitor weighs 1.2 pounds, its dimensions are 8.6X3.2X6.7 inches. It is maid in has a high resolution of 2.4 inch digital LCD screen couple with a 2.4 GHz wireless technology. For this reason, it must have private connection so as to prevent signal drop outs. It has stable audio videos streaming .this makes it possible for me and my baby to have fun and this maker her livelier. This monitor has several impressive feature such as temperature monitoring and warning. Essentially this feature helps me in adjusting the room temperature so that my baby cab sleep peacefully. Other features are two –way talk, optical pan and tilt, sound activated Led indicator.

Due to the enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology I can freely move within the house and my compound without fear that the monitor would have signal drop out. Essentially, this is because of the high range of the monitor which ranges up to 960 ft.

This monitor is very easy to set up, it has a high quality of picture and sound. With the touch of a power button one can shut the video off and on. The monitor has a night mode and mostly produced color light which makes easy visibility at night compared to night vision. This monitor is able to hold a charge for a very a long time compared to another monitor in the field. This Hello Baby monitor is very portable and useful I usually moves it with ease when whenever I am cleaning my baby’s room. Also, the monitor has a speaker and microphone as part of the monitor, in general, this is disadvantageous as the user cannot speak from a different room. This monitor has a two-way communication but it is not very efficient as compared to other existing monitors. Another disadvantage of this monitor is that it is not very clear and it lacks the static in the background.

This monitor cannot be controlled by a phone and is not internet –enabled. For instance, I normally use my iPhone to control the monitor. The advantage of this is that it has fewer chances of being vandalized through hacking and it will not interfere with the home internet connection of the users. Considering its price and its ability, I can recommend prospective buyers to purchase this monitor. This monitor has a good range, it has been tested and proved that it is able to cover up to 800 feet. In addition, this monitor has inbuilt lullabies and also a loop function.

The advantage of this monitor over others is that the light indicators mostly show if the sound is made, they have a clear night vision, they support a two-way communication. In addition to the above advantages, this monitor displays the temperature of the room, its screen turn off when no sound is detected therefore helps in saving battery life, and are very easy to control. The disadvantages of this monitor are that it has a poor sound quality compared to other monitors in the market. It has a small screen, and that the pan feature only works when the user is zooming in.

In general, it can be said that this monitor is very efficient and effective. Its advantages surpass the disadvantages. Therefore, I can strongly recommend those who are looking for a good baby, monitor to go for this one. It will surely not disappoint them and will give them good services. Given it various modernized features and its affordable price, it is a good baby monitor.

 4.  Baby Monitor, Creeker Wireless Camera

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

This monitor weighs 1.6 pounds and its dimensions are 8.2 X6.8X5.3 inches. It does not requires batteries for the camera instead, it uses electricity. It is able to support remote video streaming. My husband has been able to converse with the baby even when he is out of town. It has 720HD video capture, this makes it efficient in displaying quality pictures.

This baby monitor is a little bit difficult to set up. One requires to download various applications before it starts to function. It took me 2 days to set it up. It requires an internet connection, and failure of internet affects its performance. Therefore, this device is not appropriate in places where no internet connection is. This monitor has the problem of an occasional clicking noise. This noise comes from the camera, this can greatly is undesired as it can wake the baby. The instruction manual provided does not provide sufficient information on how this issue can be addressed. The camera of the monitor is not very effective as they start to blink mostly after three months. When the monitor is new, the pictures are very clear, those of HD and the night vision is also good. However, with time, this fades away.

One major problem with this monitor is that of losing the feed, this is in most case associated with an interrupted internet connection. In particular, these monitors have the problem of being slow. This monitor has also an audio monitor. The audio monitor works well as it is able to provide alerts when there are some movements in the house. Therefore, it is easy to know when the baby is sleeping and when she is awake. Considering that this monitor is able to support two cameras then if the cameras are well placed then the parent can be able to see two rooms at once.

For the monitor to support the two cameras perfectly then, they have to be hooked up with an Ethernet cable. Failure to do that the cameras would not be recognized. One major advantage of this monitor is that you don’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to see, speak or hear. Even somebody who is in a remote area can access and perform these services with ease. In general, this monitor is very efficient and is more advanced than many babies, monitors in the market. For this reason, I can recommend it to those customers who intend of buying baby monitors.

 5.  Hello, Baby Additional Camera Child

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

This monitor has dimensions of 7.9X3X2.9 and it weighs 7.2 ounces. The monitor has an additional camera and its viewing direction can be controlled by the HB24 monitor. This has been important as I have used it to change the angle of the camera and view the monitor from different directions. The monitor also has infrared LEDs that enables night vision in low –light or in the dark. Other important features of this monitor include adjustable pan and table top wall.

Nonetheless, this monitor just like all other monitor has its disadvantages and limitations. One of this limitations is that it is small and lack a voice recorder. Therefore, it might not be efficient enough in providing information about the child. This makes it less efficient and effective as to compare to other baby monitors .nonetheless, on its part of recovering it and still a masterpiece. For instance, the parent of the baby is able to switch off monitoring one camera temporarily. This can be achieved by pressing camera button which then automatically switch one camera from another.

The camera has generally a good resolution since the picture quality is very high. This baby monitor is able to support 4 child unit cameras. In general, this Hello Baby Additional Camera Child... is very efficient for a family that is busy and are interested in knowing the affairs of their baby. It is very effective and if well used can help in monitored babies easily. This is so as they are able to support up to 4 maximum cameras and thus, parents can hold up to four different rooms. I would strongly advise parents to go for this portion given its easy setup and user ability. This monitor is also very cheap compared to various baby monitors in the industry.


From the above-presented types of baby monitors, it is explicitly true that a lot of advancements have occurred in the baby care industry. From toys to baby monitors, therefore, it is up to the parents to determine which baby monitor are best for them and should conduct a thorough research on the price, and workability of the baby monitor that they want to purchase.

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