Chicco Keyfit Strollers Review

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

The Chicco Keyfit 30, among the best auto infant seats sold in the market today provides each baby out there the safest way to take a trip in style and convenience. The beneficial design makes the Keyfit so easy and easy to use. When you wish to obtain the lowest offers for the item buy it online today.

The Chicco Keyfit 30 has comfortable hold deal with and a protected stroller attachment that automatically locks into ChiccoCortina, Trevi and S3 strollers. There's no need of locking clips since the item has an important auto belt lock-offs that are quite easy and easy. With its smooth underside you are assured that your auto seats are well protected.

Outstanding Features:

  • Designed for Chicco Keyfit stroller
  • ​Audible click makes sure keyfit is securely attached
  • ​Premium featuring the ultra light iodized aluminum frame with easy one hand fold
  • ​Fits Key fit 22; fits keyfit 30
  • ​The stroller is designed to easily fold up with one hand- very smart!
  • ​The car seat and stroller each comfortably holds infants and babies up to 30 pounds.
  • ​The stroller has a multi-position, adjustable canopy for protection in any weather.
  • ​The latch that holds the car seat to the stroller is very strong.
  • ​Handle on the carrier is ergonomically designed for comfortable carrying.
  • ​Affordable when compared to other brands on the market.
  • ​Everything fits nicely in the stroller, and it's not too heavy or bulky.
  • ​The material is easy to spot clean, and padding covers can easily be removed and laundered.
  • ​The whole system is very stylish looking.
  • The snack tray is removable, so you can easily wipe it down or even rinse it off.

Other Features from customer reviews.

  • The infant Stroller that is provided with this particular model continues to be rated #1 in the US. This goes to show the fact that this product is produced from the highest standard to assure customer satisfaction. Most parents long to locate the brand that they can trust when considering their baby's safety as they can surely get it with Chicco Cortina.
  • ​The memory recline position is ingenuity at its best. This helps it be easy for a user because you do not have to adjust the location every occasion you unfold the Chicco Strollers. It is comfortable which means you won't have a hard time selecting the comfortable position that your baby has grown to enjoy.
  • ​The maximum weight recommendation to this particular travel system is 40 pounds which means you can still use this regardless if your baby gets bigger. Through this, you can save money because this is the only stroller that your kid is ever going to need. Amazing.
  • ​The Stroller has a center-pull adjustment system for easy installation. This makes it much simpler on the part of the parent to make use of this system and make it more useful. It has a spring level foot to help make the car seat more sturdy and making certain that your little one remains safe and secure whilst you're driving the vehicle.
  • ​The Stroller comes with energy-absorbing foam for side protection purposes. It is reliable and you can utilize this for the babies 22 pounds and below. Your kids will unquestionably love this carseat since it will make them feel they are all snuggled up.
  • Chicco Cortina Stroller offers one hand fold for simple storage. Even when you find yourself alone, you will surely fold this stroller and set it inside the trunk of the car. Gone are the days wherein you must have to seek the help of others in order to fold the pram. This certainly gives people the significance for the money.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Stroller Demo

Customer Reviews that confirms the quality of chicco strollers.

I Am not proud to admit this, but I gained 20 pounds a lot more than I ought to have when I had been pregnant. My doctor continued to discourage my weight gain, but I just insisted on eating. I was a bit worried about how I was going to lose all of that excess weight as soon as my baby was born. I had a feeling I would be jammed with it. One of the nurses at my doctor's office told me that I should look into getting a jogger stroller.

I had never been into jogging, but I loved to walk. Obviously, just because it's known as a jogger stroller doesn't imply that you have to jog with it. It's just designed to become much more durable, should parents be into exercising although taking their child for a walk. At first, I was discouraged by the prices of new jogger strollers. I had no interest in paying a lot more than $100 for any kind of stroller. Besides, I had a good stroller that was for being out and about.

However, two weeks after my daughter was born, I was reconsidering that. I tried to take her for walks outside and the chicco keyfit stroller just seemed too large and cumbersome for actually walking at a quicker speed. It was a great stroller for going to everyday places. So, once again, I priced the chicco keyfit stroller.

My husband told me that it did not matter what the price was, as long as it would help get me out of the home and feel healthier once again. I had some major issues with this new weight obtain that had not left as soon as my baby was born. We ended up getting a middle priced 1 for more than I wanted to spend, but less than what we could have spent. The moment we got house and figured out exactly how it worked and went together, I was off. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly I can move and how a lot more better it was for me to handle.

What was even much more shocking is how quickly the baby fell asleep. I suppose it provided a much smoother ride for her than the much more bulky stroller had. She could be incredibly grumpy prior to obtaining within the chicco keyfit stroller and then within a few minutes of becoming snuggled into the comfy stroller, she was as happy as could be. I loved being able to be outside and not feeling like I was so cooped up within the home all of the time.

There were days that it was dreary and rainy, but luckily, the chicco keyfit stroller had a good little roof for her and with a raincoat for me, I was still content. I managed to take off a few pounds each week. I had my doubts at first about the jogger stroller, but it turned out to become a fantastic investment afterall.

Another Review that confirms the quality of chicco strollers

I can't keep track of all of the stories I've heard about moms and dads who buy inexpensive strollers - only to 'have to' buy a new stroller weeks later. I personally fall into this group... My umbrella stroller from Jeep fell apart - the footrest snapped and one wheel broke off - leaving me and my daughter high and dry.

I replaced my broken u stroller with a chicco keyfit stroller that, unlike my previous stroller, was built to last. chicco is a stroller manufacturer from England who is known for their high quality products.

The chicco keyfit stroller Triumph, made with strong lightweight aluminum, is a bare-bones umbrella stroller that has a reclining seat. The key benefit that chicco offers with all of their strollers is the quality and durability of the materials they use. I have owned a chicco keyfit stroller for four years and it looks and functions as if it was brand new.

The handles on the Triumph are not typical for an umbrella stroller, they are ergonomically designed to accommodate parents of various heights. They also have foam padding that makes it comfortable for parents to stroll.

The wheels on the chicco are small and plastic, there's really no shock absorption with this stroller - so you'll find yourself gravitating to even surfaces. The wheels do swivel so your turning radius is pretty amazing. My daughter loves to be spun around and around in her stroller. The swivel wheels lock if you want a bit more control - but this is a feature that I never use.

The seat on the chicco is removable - it can be removed and thrown into the laundry to be cleaned. The seat reclines using a nifty draw-string-like device - so you can customize your ideal angle of recline. Some parents reported that the seat doesn't recline 100% flat nor does it sit up straight. But most moms and dads, in general, loved this feature.

The canopy, or hood, on the chicco keyfit is made out of high quality water resistant material. The coverage that it offers is at par with other umbrella strollers... which is pretty minimal. Thank goodness that a rain cover, with substantial coverage, comes standard with the Triumph.

Triumph strollers fold and unfold like a dream. chicco calls it a five second fold... I'd call it a two second fold. Pull up on one latch, step on another and drop the stroller - that's it! The stroller automatically locks in its folded position. And with its carry strap you can whip this bad boy over your shoulder and off you go.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Stroller Video Review


  • Affordable price, this Travel System is around $300,00 and you can find some amazing deals over the internetVery strong material! which means that it'll last for a long time.Really nice combo, you get a stroller and a car seat for a really good price.
  • ​The Infant Car Seat can support up to 30 lbs so it should be more than enough for a good time and it's really easy to set up in the car, just snaps in!.
  • ​The car seat supports the baby's neck really well since that is always an issue with newborns, your baby will be comfortable in long trips.
  • ​The stroller is lightweight and easy to fold up with only one squeeze, which I find very handy.
  • ​Large and easy to access basket
  • ​Adjustable handle (although it adjusts from a hinge and swings up and down instead of sliding down. This makes for a slightly awkward pushing angle when in the shortest position).
  • ​Smooth ride - it rolls really well and doesn't have the same clunky ride as the Baby Trend Snap and Go stroller caddy we used before.
  • ​Easy to push with one hand.
  • ​With practice, the stroller frame does open and close with one hand by pulling up on the lever by the cup holders.
  • ​The frame folds up tightly and locks into place so you can put it in the truck of the car with one hand. The handle bar also folds down for easy storage.
  • The stroller, when folded, stands on the wheels so you can store it against a wall without worrying about it sliding down or falling over.


  • As any travel system it is bulky even when folded, so if you have a small car that might be an issue.The bottom basket of the stroller is not so easy to access, it's not such a big deal but I wish it were easier.Assembling The Travel System after taking it out of the box might be a little hard if you're not used to doing things like that (if you're like me, get someone else to do it).Apparently from what I've heard, the latch doesn't attach well in Volkswagens but you can still use the seatbelt and it'll work just fine.


All the nice features, the overall quality and most importantly, the price of this Chicco Travel System more than makes up for the problems listed before. After making the purchase, I feel like I came up winning in this deal because you have a stroller AND a car seat for the same amount of money that some standard strollers cost, obviously there are cheaper Travel Systems but they don't have the quality that this one has. If you're struggling to find a good stroller for your baby I highly recommend you consider the Chicco Keyfit Stroller. I assure you that it is genuinely an outstanding car seat and without a doubt the best that you can discover on the marketplace nowadays. If you have a smaller sized car and wish to have a well manufactured seat for your infant, Keyfit 30 is best for you.

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